Phones not connecting after migration fallback

I tried to migrate my freepbx vm to a Sangoma 60 box, I had some issues so shutdown the 60 and restarted the vm. Trunk is fine but phones won’t connect now, any thoughts? Nothing should have changed.

You are providing very little in terms of what you’ve done to troubleshoot and what you are seeing on the network. Not sure that many would be able to give you any useful next steps without you letting us know what you did to troubleshoot.

None of the phones will connect now, one issue I see that might be it. When I login to the pbx admin panel it must be https not http otherwise I get:


You don’t have permission to access /.noindex.html on this server.

Phones are configed for http, this is a new issue.

They are maybe configured for HTTP provisioning but if they were provisioned before and nothing has changed about the setup then they should still be connecting to SIP.

Maybe start by turning checking the firewall settings and make sure nothing has changed on the system interface there?

Have you verified that the virtual machine still retained the IP that it had previously?

You can also verify all the system port settings under Admin → System Admin → Port Management.

Same IP, same ports, same config. I just can’t seem to get any phones to connect back to the old FreePBX VM instance, everything else is working. Did check ports, no issues there either

I found the answer for whoever runs into this issue, had to factory reset every phone. They came right back up and connected after provisioning.