Phones dropping offline

I’ve just upgraded to 13.10.0, running Asterisk 13. Running a small server at home with Grandstream phones. When the server is rebooted all phones connect and are shown as online in freepbx, however after an hour or so some drop off (Grandstream phones and a Zoiper android softphone) they won’t reconnect unless the server is rebooted. The issue has just started after the upgrade, rebooting the phones/router doesn’t fix the issue, only solutions seems to be reboot freepbx. I’ve attached a screenshot of the Peers info page below. Currently only one phone is offline. Any ideas? (:

looks like your phones are internal. a few questions

  1. what NAT settings are you using for the extensions?
  2. do you have the freepbx firewall turned on? and if yes is the subnet white listed?

look at the log files /var/log/asterisk/full - it may give you a hint as to why the phones are dropping offline. the 1 hour interval is probably the re-registration time for the phones which suggests that the phones are unable to re-register.

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Appreciate the quick reply. I am a bit of a freepbx newbie, not too familiar with NAT, but the NAT mode I am using is ‘Yes - force_rport,comedia’).

  1. Yes I do have the firewall turned on. I have run the firewall setup wizard and “The network you are currently using ( to manage this server isn’t marked as Trusted.”
  • I have now marked this as trusted.

I will have a look at these logs, but I’ve just checked and it appears the phones have come back online, so hopefully everything is good! Thank you so much for your help.