Phones don't auidbly ring

Hello all,

I have done a few Asterisk builds over the years but never got past installing for one reason or another. Whilst at afreinds hous last week I saw his implementation of FreePBX on Pi.

I happened to have a PI ( with trashed XBMC image ) that I could use , and also found some cheap nortel phones for £8 each.

Installed freepbx and incrediblePBX onto.

Got the phones registered, able to make and recive calls with two way audio.

Only issue is the phones don’t ring!! the handset icon does indicate an incomming call but no ring at all.

So I connected csipsimple on my android tab.

That can recive calls but not make them for some reason ( to be looked into ) . But that does not ring either…

Any clues???



Normally Nortel phones use unistim and not SIP, are yours fully SIP compliant?

I am using the unistim channel driver to intergrate them.

2002 - NTDU91’s

But the csipsimple does not seem to ring either.


a SIP invite or the unistim equivalent causes the phone to know it is time to ring, if it doesn’t then the problem lies with the phone, check your SIP debug to see if the invite is sent.

seems the csipsimple was a red herring…

I think I may need to reevaluate the handsets. Shame as the look and feel reasonable…

Any tips for cheap easy handsets to use?


Ebay often has very good deals on Polycoms, I like Yealink for “cheap and cheerful”, Aastras for it’s good old Nortel heritage and function. Be careful with older Cisco’s.

I would love to use cisco 7940’s, I ran a Cisco UCCM 7.x for 5 years up until 3 weeks ago when I changed jobs.

But I am not sure how easy it would be to ge them running.

Any particular models of Polly com and Yealink.

I need cheap!!


If you get the wrong Cisco 79nn you are in for a world of pain, any of the other brands, they all “just work”.