Phones Call Back Rings Busy

When I use the call back feature of this phone, to make calls to missed calls from external numbers, it rings busy with this error in the Asterisk logs (note I changed the actual number):

[2023-08-18 15:19:20] NOTICE[1730] res_pjsip_session.c: 700: Call (UDP: to extension ‘+1555555555’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

How is this issue resolved?

edit: I also confirmed this issue was happening with all our phones, not just the P370 as in the original title. It’s just that we were not using the call-back feature prior to getting this phone.

Probably the call came in with E.164 format +1NXXNXXXXXX and you don’t have an outbound route for such format. There are different ways, I think the easiest is to add an outbound route entry with Prefix = ‘+’ and then the pattern for the rest of the 11 digits (which probably you already have).

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Here are the current dial patters on the system. Should I just add the + sign in the prefix to the following pattern?

dial pattern

edit: I had to create additional line items with the + in the prefix section, or else outbound calls WITHOUT the prefix wouldn’t work.

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