Phones bouncing temporarily unreachable for a minute

Hello, forgive me I’m somewhat a noob here.
We have a customer who had their internet go down for a bit at last week and since then we’ve been having issues with the phones becoming unreachable for a minute or so before coming back as available. This happens over and over all day. We have a phone registered to their system at our office from our IP and it never drops. The pbx is cloud hosted.


This is what the Options looks like through sngrep when the phone becomes unreachable.


Do you see these options within Asterisk as well?

We see the options on Lan 1 and Wan 1 when we packet capture but not the multiple resends, and when I use pjsip show history in the asterisk I see the options being sent without ok and that’s when the phone drops and then comes back up. They will get Options and Replies for a while and then one with start get resend multiple times without a reply and drop.

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