Phones auto dial after dialing "11" in the middle of any number

Our office phones have suddenly started to auto-complete the dial process when a person includes a “11” in their number. For example, We have Extension “5113”. When our receptionist attempts to dial that number or transfer a call to that number, It finishes after the final 1 and dials “511”. This also happens if you dial “311” but does not happen when you do “3311”. I am attempting to turn this feature off but can not find any rules set up or any place in FreeBPX that would cause this to happen. If anybody has any ideas they would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

This is a phone setting, you need to examine the dial patterns (digit map) of the phone. It’s configured to auto dial X11.

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Thank you for your quick response. I was thrown into managing this phone system without never managing a phone system before nor using FreePBX before, I have gotten around this by many hours of trial and error and googling. Do you know where exactly I am go to to fix the digit map on the phones? Are they are the physical phones themselves or a setting in FreePBX?

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