Phonebook module


I am looking information is there way to make many different phonebooks? I want to create one phonebook which include 5 person and these extension and second where is only few person and extensions etc.

And then I can point these phonebooks per person which they can use.

You are apparently trying to create a multitenented pbx, if you look through these and other fora you will find that many have tried (probably most) but none have ultimately been successful. I suggest you look at the alternate suggestions used that actually work.

The phonebook module has been EOL and replaced with the new contact manager module that allows you to create contact groups and in user manager u can pick what contact groups each user or user group can see and be apart of.

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I can think of a couple scenarios where you’d want to have differentiated phone books within the same organization. An organization that deals with banking and stock customer, for example, would want to have this type of separation. In many businesses, “Sales” and “Supply Chain” could also want to have different phonebooks.

To be sure, multi-tenant with Asterisk and FreePBX is a huge pain in the neck, but this isn’t a bad request.

@UnknowPerson By the way, the new Contact Manager does this differentiation out of the box.

I can but agree , but if you look at the OP’s other posts, his extensions are 10 digits and he wants to limit calling between them, (why I ask, if they are legitimate NXXNXXXXXX phone numbers, he would need to set up loop-back routes if he wants to save a buck), he would need to add voicemail contexts so they can’t interfere, he would need to blah , blah, blah, blah so his day would not be spoiled when x does y to z and his dialplan would be eventually unmanageable.

FreePBX is a PBX (Private Branch eXchange), not an X :slight_smile: and it really can’t be that entity successfully as it is a B2BUA, he needs a real proxy, if he needs PBX functionality, then separate instances of PBX functionality behind that proxy. No?

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any way to export/import into the contact manager? Just saw this!

Thanks. I will try that Contact Manager.