Phonebook as outgoing lookup source


Just finished upgrading FreePBX to the latest stable version and was looking to tweak it a bit.

One thing I cannot accomplish is to use the Phone Book as a look up source for outgoing calls.

It works just fine for incoming calls, displaying whatever name I have setup for the incoming number, but I would like to make the Phone Book available for outgoing calls also.

Anyone knows if this is possible please?

Thank you

I assume that you are talking about the Asterisk Phonebook? This is used for speed dials anyway. What do you want to accomplish?

When a number is stored in Asterisk Phonebook and an incoming call from that number rings, the Name is displayed on the phone.
I am trying to display the name when an outgoing call is made to a number that matches an entry in Asterisk Phonebook.

Reason is: users do not use the phone’s book, but instead dial the number from their own memory or other sources.
Sometimes, they dial the wrong number and would be nice to have the name displayed to the user.
Also, if I can make this work, than I might be able to display the names from Asterisk in CDR reports. Hopefully.