PhoneApps disabled because EndPoint Manager is stuck on 16.0.86 (instead of

Is it just our version or is it EPM stuck in general?

Hers’s the thing:
a) In EPM, trying to “Save and Rebuild Config(s)” EPM throws “Unable to locate RestApps”.

So this:


b) Module Admin disabled PhoneApps because EPM is on version 16.0.86 instead of

c) But EPM can not be upgraded from Module Admin

fwconsole ma listonline

gives me:

so no 16.0.86 to upgrade to it seems

Hi @kombi1
Looks like PhoneApps module is not updated, try to force update it first.

fwconsole ma --edge upgradeall
fwconsole ma upgrade phoneapps

After Upgrade All Modules or just phoneapps you have to see status of phoneapps in pm2 list.

fwconsole pm2 --list

On my machine EPM is
Did your EPM license expire? The one year update license?

EDIT: If you just use Sangoma phones, you dont need a license. Why does it say licensed on your screenshot? You might have to contact Sangoma to revert it to the free version.

good point shashin!

Yet, restapps relies on endpoint which isn’t available.

There’s a newer version of restapps with --edge:

…but not of endpoint:


If you have a licensed EPM, but your 1-year-update-license expired, the freePBX server doesn’t show you any new EPM versions. You either have to contact Sangoma support to switch to the free EPM version or downgrade your phone apps…

THAT might actually be it, thanks Charles!

I will try and find out how to revert to the free version, must be some setting in the repo

You cannot do it on your own, you have to open a support ticket…

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I realize this is another edge case so let me summarize:

When reverting back from the commercial version of endpoint manager (and maybe others as well), FreePBX will retain the commercial version, blocking further upgrades of dependent modules (such as restapps).

Solution: Open a support ticket to go back to the non-commercial module.

Is there an option available, where you can revert back…from the commercial to the free version? I haven’t found one. I once had a similar problem with EPM. I had to open a support ticket. If Sangoma wants to have happy freePBX customers (of Sangoma phones), they really should rewrite the code so that a message pops up (your update license expired, you wont be able to update your licensed EPM anymore. If you use Sangoma phones, switch back to the free version)…with a button, where the customer can switch back to the free version.

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