Phone unable to login, must reset user from '0000' to '1000' via phones webserver

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Something changed or happened since the REST API got updated because as of this weekend I’m no longer able to login to my S705 – i have to break in to the webserver on the phone and change the user=0000 in the login button to user=1000 (the actual extension) otherwise i get an error “user not found” when i push the login button.

I’ve tried reboot, updating, and repushing config to the phone – no joy!

Any idea where this config is either stored on disk or in the database so I can maybe fix it there?

Leaving my phone logged in is not ideal…


(Bart Wiggers) #2

Same problem here.
We have two sites with PBXact and Yealink phones.
Users cannot login with the phone apps BLF key.
I have to add their MAC address in the EPM and then
do a new autoprovisioning in the phone’s GUI.
With more than 100 phones, it is quiet a job !


(Matt Brooks) #3

Looks like we introduced a bug for extensions starting with ‘0’. Working on a fix for this now.

(Matt Brooks) #4

Released the following modules to deal with this issue to edge:
Restapps v13.0.93.3
Restapps v14.0.22.3
Restapps v15.0.19.3

The should be available to stable after it passes our QA.


(@TheLittleDuke) #5

Just to be clear all of our extensions begin with either ‘1’ or ‘5’ – for some reason it was resetting ‘1000’ to ‘0000’ which then causes the BLF login to break.

(Bart Wiggers) #6


All our phones that cannot login have this URL under their BLF :

Our internal phonenumbers are between 201 and 290.

Gr. Bart.

(Matt Brooks) #7

@bartwiggers This seems to match the condition we found. I suggest upgrading to the latest version of restapps when it is available.

Phone Apps Login problems
(Bart Wiggers) #8


The problem was solved by this new release of RestApps.
Thank you very much for the quick response !

Gr. Bart.

(@TheLittleDuke) #9

Any idea when this will be available for FreePBX owners?

Or is there a way for us to force the upgrade?

The UI is not showing that an update is available yet…

(Bart Wiggers) #10

Try this for FreePBX14 :

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --tag
fwconsole chown
fwconsole r

Gr. Bart.

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