Phone rings twice and straight to voicemail?

Hi All…

i have FreePBX running on a virtual server and i can call in to the voip phone, but no matter what i do the phone rings twice (ring small pause ring) then goes to voicemail and i cant seam to get the ring time longer so it gives me a chance to answer the phone… can someone shed any light on this please??

I also cannont make outgoing calls, but at the moment i need to be able to have incomming calls.


How are you ringing that phone?

Could you set up a queue, with maxqueuetime = 1 minute and agent timeout = 15 seconds?

Calling the queue then (Or associating an inbound route to that queue and calling the DID) should ring 4 times that phone for up to 15 seconds.

As far as I know, extensions by default gets default ring time, which is set up under General Settings->Ringtime Default, maybe there you have set up a low time (5-10 secs) so your phone doesn’t ring any longer.

Hope this helps.

thanks i’ll give it a go. i’me new to this, we use the same at work but was setup by our guru in NZ but he’s left now. and i can add extensions and thats all i know how to do. trying to set one up at home now but is a slow process…lol…

i’m ringing the external line from a mobile and the line is registered with sipgate so it comes into freepbx and to cisco voip. cant even dial out yet but there is dial tone, but taking a step at a time :smile:

i already have a queue. dont have a maxqueuetime though…i have:

Max Wait Time:? unlimited
Max Wait Time Mode:? strict
Agent Timeout:? 15 seconds
Agent Timeout Restart:? no


I also cannot find general settings in my admin? i have the schmooze version of freepbx so the admin looks more updated thats the version i use at work (that one has a general but cannot find it in mine)


Im not a specialist too, just trying to help the new ones like me.

FreePBX has the tab Settings in the upper part, under which you will find General Settings.

If you got the queue already running, the device you are dialing should have an extension, you could add that extension in the queue agents box, so whenever anything is routed to the queue, it will ring the agents in it.

Then you will need an inbound route to associate that queue with a DID, so whenever you call the DID, it will route the call to the queue, which will call the agents.

Since queue ring times doesn’t depend on extensions ring time, this could solve your ringing shortage.

But I will still check the General Settings default ring time value.


Hi. yep ur a star :slight_smile: the queue fixed it. i picked the inbound route and changed the location from the extension to the route and it worked!

still cant find general though… at the top menu i have at the top : admin - applications - connectivity - reports - settings - user panel

do you also have any idea why i cant ring out. i have a dial tone and when i call i get ‘call cannot be completed’


Search under Settings, there should be a General Seetings as it displays the sub-menu.

In order to dial out, you will need an outbound route, with a trunk enabled with any provider to achieve this goal.

You will have to set up the trunk with the indications given by the provider, and then set an outbound route using that trunk, with a dial-out pattern, if you want every call to use that trunk, you will have to set a regexp that tolerates any number you may call, for example, here in Spain, numbers has 9 digits, an XXXXXXXXX dial out pattern would reach everyone.

You could set as many outbound routes for differents dial-out patterns as you need.

This is the only way I know in order to call outside, probably there’s another one, but I can’t guide you on it if there is.

h cogalla

you’re spot on again! the one we use at work had 0 x’s in so i copied their setup. not sure how theirs work then if mine didnt :-s

i’ll try the setup for caller ID now then. my lady is setting up a floristry business so need the numbers in ringing differently and the number out as her business number.

thanks for getting me this far, you’re a star!

Just another quick one… now i have a queue setup the the calling phone rings once then plays call on hold music instead of ringing? can thi be changed?


Edit: Ive figured it out…found on the queue it said MOH and ring…so just changed it to ring :slight_smile: