Phone remains busy after a call

I have a problem with a Grandstream GXP2170 connected to FreePBX (last version, all updated).

After a call, randomly, the user hangs up, but the phone remains “busy”. The management GUI reports that a call is in progress, and the user cannot start any outgoing calls.
If an other extension calls that phone, the call is started and after a few seconds terminated. Nothing rings. The SIP flow reports that the phone with the problem has responded, than performed a normal hangup terminating the call.
If a new incoming call is received from an external trunk, FreePBX will forward that a Queue where this phone is the only member, and the phone seems fix the wrong status.

This makes us crazy, any idea?

I’d swap the phone out with another GXP2170. See if the problem persists or not. If it doesn’t, then you’ve got a hardware issue. If it remains, then you’ve got a software issue and can then start to diagnose in more details. Otherwise, I think you’re just guessing.

take a look at the SIP Signalling.

is there a chance that the BYE or ack isn’t being received by FreePBX, resulting in the call “hanging”?
I’ve seen this in the past with the wrong IP in the Contact header (or other headers) resulting in the packet going the wrong way.

I found BYE in sip history on asterisk so I think it can “see it”

This is the second phone with the problem. The previous was a GPX 2135

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