Phone registration in FreePBX

Hello everyone I have a question I noticed that I can only register my phone in freepbx by putting in the ip address of the network from which the phone is registering from. I want the ability to register from any network. Is there a way to open up registration in freepbx? I know I am missing something in the iptabes but I don’t know what it is.

note this only happens when I’m trying to register with tcp as the transport

Putting in the ip address of the phone where?

Look at Tools|Asterisk SIP Settings

There is a spot to put local networks.

I am guessing you have, but have you checked out these instructions?

Looking up the definition of localnet, it says it changes the SIP headers to not use NAT

Perhaps changing the NAT type in the device tab would be appropriate.

Worst case, make as your local network :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I got it figured out. you have to allow tcp and the sip ports 5060-5080. when I made the changes in iptables I was able to register using tcp as the transport.