Phone Registration History

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So long story short here. One of our clients packages was potentially stolen. Now if it was stolen and the phones plugged in correctly (which is a long short I know) it should connect to the remote server it was setup to. Is there any way to see past registrations in FreePBX logs without going through 100’s of thousands of entries?

FreePBX saves a log for 8 days in the full log, could be it saves the registration attempts somewhere else as well for longer, which I am not aware of.

If it’s ChanSIP then use something like:

grep "peer 'EXT"/var/log/asterisk/full*

If you see any activity, then start narrowing it down.

You can get all the logged registrations using the following greps:


grep "Registered SIP" /var/log/asterisk/full*


grep "Added contact" /var/log/asterisk/full*

From there its a matter of looking for unknown IPs

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Also, you should know the credentials on which the phone was going to connect, so you should be able to track it from there.

For tracking phone calls do you use any apps?

Nope. In my world, once a phone is purchased, it’s expensed so I never mess with it again. When I do need to do anything like this, I just use the standard “unix” tools and march my way through the Asterisk logs in /var/log/asterisk and /var/log/messages.

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