Phone recomendation


can you recommend any VoIP phone for use with the newest FreePBX distro?

Must have at least 4 (better 6) Sip accounts that we can use for different lines.




First of all, I get somewhat concerned when I see someone wondering about “lines” on a sip phone. My first thought is that they are trying to replace a key system and will get stuck in a loop trying to make FreePBX/Asterisk behave like a key system.

“Lines” really have no real meaning in a SIP system. There are a number of phones that are supported by FreePBX that can handle multiple SIP accounts…Aastra, Yealink, Polycomm, Grandstream, etc. But as you get into the design phase, really take a look at what you are trying to accomplish and balance that against the features and capabilities of FreePBX.

As an example, here in the City, I have about 300 extensions spread over about 20 buildings and 2 systems, and there are only 3 phones that have more than one sip account. They are the one on my desk, and one at each server location.

Good luck with your project…By the way, most of my phones are Aastra With a few Grandstreams and Yealink.



excuse my english. I am nore IT pro than english pro :wink:

This is a very small office with 3 people but it handles multiple companies. Right now ever person has 3 phones on their desk. Each one has a different outgoing caller ID etc. So far it are analog phones running through a mediatrix.

Thats why I want to replace them with ONE phone that can handle the different companies.

Does that make more sense ?


It makes sense that this has nothing to do with FreePBX.

I was just trying to find phones that work fine with FreePBX. I know there are thousands out here, but if anybody had a recommendation, I would be very happy.