Phone is registering as

Hey everyone, I have one remote phone that keeps registering as ( in FreePBX and it can’t take or receive calls. I reboot it, it registers normally with the correct WAN ip, works for a while, then comes back in as The other phones register and work normally, they are all using the same Yealink endpoint config.

Any insight into what is happening here?

Endpoint: 401/401 Not in use 0 of inf
OutAuth: 401-auth/401
InAuth: 401-auth/401
Aor: 401 1
Contact: 401/sip:[email protected]:15917;rinstanc 7d29e65b67 Avail 13.563

That is a registration from the mobile app… Are you using sangoma connect?

Boom, that was the clue I needed. I found an entry for extension 401 under the SangomaConnect module. Thanks!

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