Phone going off hook incorrectly: S700 with Plantronics Savi 740 on EHS

Hi everybody,

I’m having an issue with the EHS adapter for an S700 phone w/ a Plantronics Savi 740 headset unit that I’m hoping we can solve :slight_smile:

I have set everything up per the Wiki:
Section: W7XX Series Installation with EHS30

Problem: The headset has three “modes” - deskphone, mobile (Bluetooth), and PC (USB). When the phone has no mode active, or the active mode is deskphone, EHS works mostly as expected. Possibly some issues with keying the headset when using the phone to dial, but I haven’t confirmed those yet. What I can confirm is that when the phone is in PC or mobile mode, the Sangoma phone still goes off hook, times out, then repeats infinitely. There is no way to get it to stop until you switch the phone to deskphone mode, hang up the “call”, and leave the headset in no mode. Switching to another mode will kickstart the issue. I was JUST using the headset on a Polycom phone w/ the APP-51 EHS cable and had no problems.

Phone is using the latest downloadable firmware (v35, IIRC - 36 was not downloadable even though listed in the wiki)

Video of issue:

Ideas, similar issues, working fine without problems on same setup??

Let me know

I went and tried to reproduce this today and sure enough, it does exactly what you say it does. I can’t help but wonder why the Savi is doing anything with the EHS when you switch to USB mode (which also happens as soon as you start playing audio from your computer). That seems rather unexpected to me. We’ll look into what we can do to stop this from happening and I’ve created an internal ticket for that. It might also be a good idea to reach out to Plantronics to see if they can explain this behavior.

Thank you for the video. That was extremely helpful.

Thanks Qwell,

I agree it shouldn’t do anything…perhaps it’s some sort of noise/cross-talk, or possibly an informational packet to say “I’m over here now”?

Plantronics support would take me a while since I’d need to speak with at least T3 before I get somebody who knows what EHS is, and then they’d just say it’s not using the APP-51 cable so it’s not supported. Unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth for this atm.

As I mentioned - no such problem with the Savi on Polycom phones using the APP-51 EHS cable…so either the APP-51 is filtering this out (which shouldn’t be the case unless there’s a resistor in the mix that filters out some low level noise) or the Polycom devices know what the signal from the Savi means and does nothing…I’m not quite sure. I’m a networking/support guy more than a hardware guy :slight_smile:

Additionally, I also found that I’m not getting the phone to properly activate the headset when placing on-hook outbound calls, even if no mode is selected on the headset to begin with.

I actually opened a ticket with Plantronics because I’m confused about why it would be doing that. It’s definitely…interesting behavior.

That said, we’ll still be looking into it on our end too.

Appreciate it sir :slight_smile:

Wanted to chime in and see if there were any updates on this we are having the same issues with our S500 using Savi 740 where you able to find a solution?

@kolby, the solution on this is going to be for a manufacturer to fix their hardware via firmware update (pretty sure this is on Plantronics to do). I haven’t heard back other than Plantronics was slow to get back to @qwell and no progress has been made…still in a holding pattern/dealing with it for the time being.

@Overkill Thanks for the update we have ten s500s and all of our users are asking for headsets with Bluetooth / PC connectivity. I do hope that you or @qwell gets some news from Plantronics sometimes soon:thinking: as for now I have delayed this project/purchase of more s700’s to next year (might have to look at other options). If you think it would help I will email Plantronics support with a detailed description of the issue that we are having, with the hopes that another squeaky screw will urge them to push an update to their firmware.

@qwell Any luck with Plantronics?

@Overkill or @qwell did you ever have any luck with finding a solution to this issues?

@kolby nope…

I’ve finally unplugged the Sangoma from my Plantronics…