Phone Does Not Stop ringing After A Hang up

That I have no idea how to do. Can I get a guide?

In St. Lucia? On Lime? Same connection type (copper pairs, cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.)

yes In St. Lucia, same connection type(copper pair).

Are both of your lines affected by this problem? Anything that might interfere with disconnect tone detection (DSL, alarm system, fax machine)?

It happens to both lines. There is a fax line going to a printer but that’s basically it.
I tried changing to ring time for the extension but It it ignores that.

Show us the syslog output. I’m not familiar with the GXW but several other members of this forum have them. You could also compare with the working system.

Regarding ring time, if you call from another extension, does it go to voicemail (or other failover destination) at the expected time?

Weirdly it does notl… it Just continues to ring.

Paste the Asterisk log for such a call.

Can you tell whether Lime is also sending a current disconnect? If so, lowering the threshold may help.

When disconnect tone fails to be detected, how long does it play? What happens after that? If you hear dial tone, you could use that to disconnect.

Logs for internal calls which should go to voicemail after 3s if I don’t pickup

It thinks the extension does not have voicemail enabled. On the voicemail tab, check that it’s Enabled and has a password. If so, we can look at database entries.

yes you were correct, enabling voicemail actually “solved” the issue (for the external calls)

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