Phone does not get MWI from external voicemail server

I have my phones registered to Freepbx A , and Voice mail server is Freepbx-B, there is an IAX trunk between two freepbxs, and phones get access to the voicemail’s via this IAX trunk.
The issue is phone gets MWI from Freepbx -A and get access to the Voicemail on Freepbx -B.
so that, even-if we delete a voicemail on Freebx-B, MWI on the phone blinks, unless , we delete msg00xx.txt on freebx-A

is there any way to get both MWI and the actual voicemail from external voicemail server? ( A and B are on the same network )

You need to tell your phones to subscribe to FreePBX-B for voicemail. By default phones will use the host/proxy for the SIP account if the voicemail subscription details are left empty.

So right now your phones are subscribing to FreePBX-A for voicemail MWI because that’s default.