Phone Cutting out internally

This just started and it is very intermittent. It cuts out randomly so I can’t hear incoming, but outgoing can be heard just fine. I cant even check voicemail without it cutting out. Internal network is fine. I ping tested all over and no packets dropped over extended period of time. Restarted everything. I have no other network problems. I’m not sure where to start with this. Sometimes the problem will start right away. OTher times it won’t start until a couple minutes into the phone call. It’s very intermittent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It would be helpful to know what model of phone (or softphone) you are using. Also, what equipment runs between your phone and the FreePBX server? Is the phone on the same network as the FreePBX server?

Sorry about that. We have polycom 501’s. The only equipment is a cisco switch. The phones are on the same network as the server.

What type of trunks are you using?

Some ideas to check… I realize that you have done ping tests, but sometimes ping tests aren’t the greatest at identifying issues, because the packets are so small. First, I would suggest running a continous ping, not just the 4-repetition one that runs by default. This is an option. Second, I would suggest using a larger packet size (-l on the windows ping, -s on the linux ping) in combination with the continous ping to help catch errors.

  1. Reboot the switch / upgrade switch firmware.
    1b. Reboot freepbx server.
    1c. Enable spanning-tree on your switch / make sure that you don’t have any loops on your network (one switch port plugged into another) - this happened to me once!
  2. Plug the phone system into a different port on the switch. (bad switch port?)
  3. Change the network cable connecting the phone system to the internal switch.
  4. Replace the network card in the server (if the server has a built-in network card, buy a linux compatible one and put it into a spare slot).
  5. Check for IP conflicts. You also might have a really bad misbehaving phone.
    These intermittent types of issues lead me to think that it might not be a software issue. Especially since you say the problem occurs when checking voicemail on the system itself, so that call isn’t even going out to your phone provider.