Phone apps Voicemail BLF Lights always RED even when all voicemail are deleted

Phone apps:

Admin-> Phone Apps -> Voicemail Settings
BLF: Yes

Advanced Settings:
Dynamically Generated Hints: Yes
Create Voicemail Hints: Yes

We are Using Mitel 6869i phones (Firmware: and Phone Apps for Voicemail. When voicemail is left, the BLF light for this voicemail button goes Red. However, even after deleting the voicemail, it continues to be Red, it does not go back to Green.

What am I missing? Let me know if you need any additional information.

What does the hint say for the VM box in FreePBX?

My extension is 9999.
When voicemail is left, it shows “In use”
99214*9999@restapp: MWI:9999@default State:InUse Presence:not_set Watchers 0

When voicemail is deleted, it shows “Idle”
99214*9999@restapp: MWI:9999@default State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 0

However, the lights are always “RED” for the BLF button for voicemail.

One more additional information: Trunks are PJSIP. All extensions are CHAN-SIP.

It sounds like it might be a subscription issue with the phone. I have not Mitel experience unfortunately. I wonder if it is correctly subscribing to the hint as it shows zero watchers.

Do you have a *989999@app-dialvm hint? This assumes you have retained the default FC of *98 for VM.

I also don’t know if this thread would be helpful (for 5330) to you but I saw it in a quick Google search.

@comtech for restapps mitel phones do not subscribe to blf hints. Only Digium and Sangoma phones do this. Looking at hints won’t tell you anything.

Suggest the user goes through commercial module support


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