Phone Apps Timeout

We have a Satellite broadband which has a certain amount of lag.

This is a problem because it makes the script timeout on the phones before they return the XML

I only want to use Visual Voicemail and Parking, neither of which require any data from the internet as the information is all held on our local server, can you force the modules to be local only?

This is already being worked on. It has to do with DNS mainly. A release in the next 2 weeks should make it behave nicer.

The update has corrected this issue.

Now I can see the details of all of the voicemails on the phone, but when you go to play a message you either get returned to the “Voicemail” menu, or you get an “Invalid URI” message.

When you paste the requests into web browser you get back what you would expect with play, delete options, just not on the phone…

I don’t understand this at all