Phone Apps (restapps) upgrade fails due to unavailable Endpoint Manager Version

Recently had the Phone Apps module come up showing an upgrade from to 14.0.1.
It however required Endpoint Manager or higher, which was not showing up as available.

On digging further, it appears that our Endpoint Manager subscription expired while we were on

So am I to understand that our Phone Apps module is now crippled/stuck on 13.x if we do not pay to renew Endpoint Manager?

You should be able to roll Phone Apps back to the previous version with:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall restapps --tag 

But you won’t be able to update until you renew.

I was able to do that.

But it seems “odd” (and by odd, I am politely trying to say bordering on dishonest) that a valid 25 year Phone Apps license is worthless without current maintenance on Endpoint Manager…

I don’t see anything about that mentioned anywhere on the PhoneApps page.

I get that income is required to keep updating things, but this seems to be a hidden excuse to ask for more money, which does not leave a good taste in my mouth. (Not to mention the fact that the ongoing maintenance fee for Endpoint Manager is hidden away as a secret cost… This coming from someone who actually likes the Endpoint Manager and think’s it is worth what you are asking for! If only you were more honest about what you actually wanted and didn’t go out of your way to hide the true cost.)

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