Phone Apps / Rest Apps with Digium Phones

I’m wondering if the same thing that applied to DPMA/EPM etc where Sangoma/Digium phones don’t have to pay for a license also applies to Phone Apps? It says the license is free for Sangoma but doesn’t mention Digium. But that was the case for DPMA/EPM too.

Anyway what I’m trying to do is redirect calls if I’m not at my desk using the Zulu windows client setting my presence - I understand the only way to do this is with Phone Apps / Rest Apps?


Sorry to ping you directly @lgaetz but you might be the only one here who could answer this?

Phone Apps are free for Digium phones. You would need to provision them with EPM in order to use them.

But your premise is flawed, there are several ways to redirect calls. The most versatile is to use Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) and enable/disable when needed. Alternatively you can leave it enabled all the time and ring both your local extension and external DID. FMFM can be enabled using a Feature Code and can be controlled via UCP, as well as with the Phone App.

Thanks - you’re a great guy, Lorne.

I was hoping to use something like a call flow control to ‘send’ calls to different (local) extensions depending on ‘presence’.

I work from two different places in the building but would be good if staff had just one number to reach me on. HOWEVER, location #2, my secondary location, could easily have another member of staff working there if I’m not there, hence not wanting to just ring both phones all of the time.

In UCP you can configure what happens when you enable the individual presence options:

So in the above, I have dedicated “Away” to use FMFM which should work for your purposes. Of course, in this case you need to toggle presence to Away instead of toggling FMFM, but the end result is the same. You can change presence in UCP, with phone apps, with Zulu but not with a feature code.

Lorne this sounds perfect. I’ve got it setup so that Zulu sets me to ‘away’ after a minute of being ‘idle’ and then sets me back once I’m no longer idle. The only problem is, it’s not having any effect. Call Log here. Am I misunderstanding something? Should this work from deskphone to deskphone? As in, Zulu and UCP are sort of in charge of setting the states but the calls themselves don’t actually have anything to do with Zulu, but the route they take is informed by Zulu?

I tried also setting ‘away’ to “Do Not Disturb” but again, no discernible effect.


But in theory this is the business!!!

I’ve created FREEPBX-20830 about this. Hope that’s a helpful thing to have done.

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