Phone Apps - Polycom

(David) #1


We have looked a various handsets, focusing on the quality and performance of the handset.

Oor key requirements for the device (above all the standand stuff) was:

  • 802.1x pass through,
  • 1Gbps Interface
  • 802.1x Support

We ended up looking at the following models:

Yealink T46G
This was quite a nice phone, however we were not able to customise the GUI enough, options still remained where the end user could change settings that would make the phone fail to work as expected. We also found the GUI to be slow - where you could dial a number and have finished failing before the screen would start showing the number you dialled.

Digium Phones
Limited country tones available. No way to have custom tones. Eliminated for our purposes

Grand Stream
Phone was nice enough, but it’s interface was slow - slower than the Yealink.

Polycom VVX310 and VVX410
Wow, this is light years ahead of the others in terms of flexibility to set up the phone. You can remove anything from the GUI, the performance of the GUI is great, voice quality is amazing. Worst part of the Polycom was having to learn the structure of the OTT provisioning files. Full credit to them, they have documentation that covers this well.

As a result, we have moved forward with the Polycom devices, but would like to make use of some of the Phone Apps. Is there any plans to support Polycom devices in the future?


(Tony Lewis - #2

We have looked at adding them and worked with Polycom on a full review and provided them a list of things we would need them to add for us to be able to make the apps work and they passed on the opportunity.

(David) #3

Thanks Tony.

Is there any other models on the roadmap that may be worth looking at?

Is the a ‘developers guide’ to the REST API, where perhaps we could write some application for the Polycoms with limited functionality, but making use of the already developed back end?


(Tony Lewis - #4

We are working on Grandstream currently but nothing with Polycom.

As far as Docs no the REST API is not a available module to the public. It is just used by the Phone Apps and a commercial module and would not do you any good since its tightly integrated into our phone apps.

(Glocklol) #5

Hopefully I’m not beating a dead horse here, but we’re getting ready to pick up a bunch of vvx 411s and I was wondering if Phone Apps will work on them. Anyone get them working or is polycom just a non-starter at this point?

(Lorne Gaetz) #6