Phone Apps on Yealink - testing and performance

I’m using FreePBX 13 with some Yealink T29Gs. I’m really interested in using Phone Apps, mostly for the Login and Logout feature. I understand they aren’t officially supported on Yealink, but can anyone give a feel of the performance?

Also, is there no way of testing them on my devices? $95/175 is a great price, but it seems a bit of a leap of faith, considering I haven’t even seen a screenshot of it in action.

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Not so. Many Yealink models are fully supported, including the T29G:

Hi James,
The phone apps work okay. I’m sure on the Sangoma phones they work pretty well. On the Yealinks they are a bit clunky. Login/logout works pretty much as expected. I wouldn’t want my employees to have to login and out everyday. I only use it for when remote employees come into the office and sit down at an unused desk. Every time you login or out the phone has to reboot.

I also hoped to use the auto provision custom protect on the yealinks which keeps changes made in an individual phones web gui from being overriden every time the phone re-provisions but it’s not possible with the login app.

As much as I wish the visual voicemail app worked well, it just doesn’t. Sometimes you press play and the file plays other times it doesn’t and you have to press it again. On the 46s some of the items overlap on the screen. You can’t exit the app by pressing the exit button, you have to pick up the handset and set it back down.
Every time a new firmware for the yealinks comes out the restapp behavior and bugs totally change.

I don’t blame the FreePBX guys, it’s not easy developing software for one half of a system when you have no control over the other half but my experience hasn’t been the best.

Yes this has always been a issue. We have no control over the phone and firmware of other manufactures. Its one of the big reasons we came out with our own phone so we can control that experience. Things like login/logout on Sangoma phones happen without a reboot and instantly done.

I am a FreePBX 11 and 12 shop so this is something I have been wondering.
With FreePBX13 and PJSIP, if you have the device limit set to higher than one so multiple phones can register and you use the login app will it logout a phone already logged in like it does for me now? Or will it let you register multiple phones?

I am not sure where that sits today. I know the plan was to only logout a phone on login if that login would exceed the max devices you have setup for that extension with pjsip

I"m testing the T42, 46 and 48’s (getting ready to replace all of our 5 year old Grandstreams)

So far the apps appear to work well, they come with several built in features on their DSS keys but I’m exclusively using the FreePBX apps. Their own “apps” have come custom icons (directory, DND, hotdesking) where the xml-api just uses the globe icon. Trying to find out how to customize the icons. Also the wallpaper of the T48’s and T49’s have a very large display. The constraints on the EPM manager only permit a max file size of 248k on images which can result in a poor quality. I’m currently have to manually upload our large image that has to be re-uploaded each time we update the template. (This has been fixed in EPM 13.0.58)

In a side by side comparison, our end users haven’t been able to find any performance difference between the Sangoma (s700) and the Yealink (T46) They have complained about the small MWI and greasy finger prints that have to be constantly cleaned on the glass behind the buttons on both brands but that’s been about it.

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