Phone Apps on Aastra Phones

I’ve got a quick question on phone apps for use on Aastra phones.

This is pretty much any Aastra phone with 6 soft buttons on the bottom of the display. (I’m pretty sure the same thing happens with the 57 and the buttons on top as well…)

When I create a template using the commercial endpoint manager and I create enough buttons where there would be 6 buttons - instead of displaying the 6 buttons, I get 5 buttons and then the 6th button turns into “More” and pushes the 6th button to the “next page”.

I think it’s a simple division issue (divide by 6 or divide by 7) to determine when to create a new page of buttons.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason it’s done like this that isn’t obvious to be?

Thanks for your help!


AFAIK how the buttons display is entirely up to the phone firmware. EPM writes the button config, but does not indicate page breaks.

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I never thought that it might be a Aastra firmware issue. I suppose I could check this out by not using the EPM and doing the buttons manually and see what happens.

Thanks Lorne, I appreciate it.

As long as I have your attention, I’ve got a quick issue for you on a different topic. The call-status php script doesn’t work with the new asterisk versions. I was thinking of messing with it to figure out how to parse the new output but that would only fix it for the new versions and not make it version configurable. If you don’t want to work on fixing this, I’d be happy to take a stab at it.



You nailed it. I looked at the key configuration by logging into the phone and it just shows the 6 keys so it’s an Aastra firmware issue. Dang, that makes it harder/impossible to fix.



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I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. My memory is excellent, it’s just short.

Don’t worry, nobody hacked my account, sometimes I get things right.


Sorry should have included more information:

I saw your name associated with this account, I could be wrong…


Well it’s been a while:

I was prob last person to touch it, but have no immediate plans to do so. Very little of that code is mine, it was adapted from another person’s work. Have a go at it yourself.

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