Phone Apps for Extension w/o User

Hi all,

I created an Extension for our Front Desk phone that does not have a user assigned to it. It does have Voicemail enabled and that works. How can I make Phone Apps, specifically the Voicemail app work with no user? When I press Vocemail for the app currently, I get an error.

Do I need to create a dummy user for this to work?

Either a dummy user or force whomever is using the phone to login with their user credentials.

It’s designed to be a general catch all mailbox.

I’m pretty sure your response has nothing to do with his response. Even with a “general catch-all” mailbox, you are going to have to have someone associated with the extension if you want UCP to be involved. If you don’t want a user associated with the phone, then don’t set up a UCP account for it - there’s no requirement anywhere that says every phone has to associated with a user.

I understand a phone doesn’t need a user, but it makes no sense to me why a user is required for Phone Apps to work such as Visual Voicemail.

Permissions. Phone Apps permissions are granted to users independent from whatever device they are logged into. When I log out of one phone and into another, the Apps permissions that I have been granted follow me to the new device.