Personalized voice message before ringing


I have a little need. I would like to be able to place a personalized voice message (just a fancy) as the very begining of an incoming call and then play a music after that, until a user unhooks the phone.

Thanks for having read.

Create an announcement. Point the incoming call to it, then point the announcement to whatever…


Thanks for the quickness of your response. I’ve tried your recommandation but it failed. Incoming call point to my announcement and my announcement point to an extension. But when I call the line, I don’t hear the annoucement message.

This is pretty foolproof. About the only thing that can cause this to fail is a bad recording. Did you make your recording directly from a phone, or did you upload it from an externally produced recording? If you uploaded it, you have to make sure it is in the proper format.


Particularly this section:

Incorrect audio format
Sometimes people create system audio files using an external sound file editor, such as Audacity, in order to get better sound quality. What they don’t realize is that Asterisk is very picky about the format of audio files it will play back. For example, if the file is .wav file format, Asterisk wants a file recorded at 8000 Hz, 16 bit, monaural (a.k.a. single channel) format and if you directly upload a file in any other format, the CLI may show that the file is being played, but callers hear nothing. If normal system files play correctly but the files you’ve created do not, check the format, especially if you’ve directly copied it to a particular location on the system instead of importing it with the System Recordings module.

My file is .wav but it 48000 Hz. I’ll try to put it at 8000 Hz or find another one. I’ll be back.

I’ve succeeded, thank you w5waf. Now I must test the replacement of the ringing by an audio file.

If you need to resample audio files to get them in the correct format, look for the “sox” utility. It’s available in windows and linux flavors.


Friends, I have another question. After the first message, the line rings. But if the phone behind is busy, is it possible to play another message while the caller is waiting and until the phone is ready and picked up?

thanx again for having read.

You need to look at the queue module.

I know this my friend. My problem is that I know that to play a recording during incoming call, the ringing is delayed because the recording has to be played before. So for the second message witch should be played to the caller while he’s waiting for the phone to become ready, I wanted that this call could be answered as soon as the line is free. I fear that the message continues to be played whereas the line is free, and it’s possible that the message would be completelly play before the the phone rings again.

Ok, look at the Busy “destination” at the end of the extension, send it back to another announcement.

Also, I realize English is not your primary language however we are not your “friends”, we are strangers and this is an Internet forum. Your use of friend makes English speakers (especially this one) uncomfortable.

Oh! I’m discovered :-). Ok, thank you for your guidance and very very sorry for having made you feel uncomfortable, that wasn’t my goal. Well understood.