Permissions error digium_phones (Newbie)

So I followed these instructions to install on Stretch. Pretty comprehensive
Everything comes up on the UI so I started experimenting but get an error in this file
Line 50 in that file produces this error
“mkdir(): Permission denied”
Has anyone seen this and is there a workaround if so?


fwconsole chown

But since this is not the official distro, and I don’t have any experience with FreePBX on Debian, I’m not sure if it will even work.
Maybe @dicko knows?

Never used one, so I will leave that to Sangoma.

(But as an neutral observer, it would seem that these devices are unfortunately the ‘red-headed step children’ in this ‘evolved’ ecosystem. :slight_smile: )

I realised when I started looking in detail that the install “wasn’t that good”. Getting onto the asterisk console next to nothing is enabled. I’m installing a distro in virtualbox to try now.

ok this topic can be closed. Those instructions whilst the do create FreePBX and asterisk, are actually all but useless as they stand because Asterisk is only part configured and FreePBX is not configured correctly. I’ve installed the distro in Virtualbox and UI and Asterisk behaviour is what I’d expect.

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