Permanently enable custom rules in firewall module

I need to add custom iptables rules and make sure they are not overwritten by the firewall rules.
The way the firewall module is designed, that requires custom rules to be enabled. Is there an easy way to disable UI access to that setting so that it is permanently enabled and cannot be disabled from the UI by non root administrators? The way I do it right now is to run a cron every few minutes to make sure that setting is enabled directly in the asterisk database, which is a bit hacky. I am wondering if maybe there is a better way.

To your question, you can grant access to modules by user. Have you thought about uninstalling the Firewall module, then installing/using IP tables directly?

Some other things required the firewall module to be installed. Users need access to the module so disabling permissions for that module is not an option either.

Then the answer to your question is no, in my opinion what you’re doing is the best option.

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