PDOException (42000) SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064

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Every time I click ‘Submit’ after making any changes I get the following error message:
PDOException (42000) SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '.197.21 AND foreign_id = '999" at line 1.

In this specific image I had made a change to extension 999.

I located a thread (https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-19405) from a year ago and tried the suggestion but I’m not sure which module is relevant to this issue under Module Admin.

_POST from Feb 2019: _
Kapil Gupta added a comment - 01/Feb/19 12:23 PM

Pms v15.0.2.3
Pms v14.0.2.29
Pms v13.0.2.31

This module has been published and is now in the “edge” track

To enable the edge track, go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes”

Then go to module admin and click “Check Online”. Note this will show updates for ALL modules in the edge track. Update the module(s) relevant to your issue.

Once finished go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “No”

You may also upgrade from the command line with “fwconsole ma --edge upgrade MODULENAME”
replacing MODULENAME with the modules rawname which can be seen in “fwconsole ma list”

Please feel free to test and verify your issue is fixed.

This module will be pushed to the Stable repo as soon as it meets the criteria for transition.

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So what setting on the extension contains ‘197.21’? Are you trying to add an allow/deny IP? Or is this in one of the other fields?

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@ngingras I have been getting this error message upon hitting “Submit” when updating the Display Name on extensions. I am not updating or adding an allow/deny IP.

In this example, I simply changed the Display Name from “test -PJSIP” to “Test -PJSIP” to see if it would error out again, and it did. I am, however, able to click the browser back button to get back to the PBX GUI to apply the configuration successfully.


GUI Interface after clicking browser back button:

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Ok, but based on the error message, did you look through all the extension settings and see if any field contains “197.21” or perhaps if an Endpoint Manager template linked to this extension contains that value in a field?

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@ngingras --thank you for the quick response!
I did look through the extension settings in the GUI and did not find any fields containing any kind of IP address – I will, however, check further into the Endpoint Manager suggestion.


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The error message is about a malformed query and I noticed that the IP address isn’t wrapped in quotes. If the entry needs quotes (which all IP addresses do) then the error would be that the floating point number 192.168 is what the Query Interpreter is seeing. Note that 192.168 (a number) doesn’t require quotes, but does (since MySQL has no idea what an address looks like.

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@cynjut @ngingras I’m still having trouble locating the IP address in question from the error. I checked into Endpoint Manager and this we are not using Endpoint Manager with this setup.

When I modify extension details the SQL error appears
When I modify an Inbound Route it did not

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