PC Virtual machine capability

Perhaps too generic question…
I would run two VM into VirtualBox : FreePbx with 10 extensions + one sip trunk and WindowsXP for an old java application.
Host is a miniPC with Celeron N4500 and 8Gb Ram 250GB ssd
Should I expect this to work in terms of host capability/performance ?
There are several VirtualBox users here…

I don’t have much experience with VirtualBox, I am more of a HyperV and VMWare guy.

In terms of the hardware resources, if you give the PBX VM 2 GB of RAM and 1vCPU it should work fine.

Use Linux Mint 64bit or similar on the mini PC…don’t use Windows!

Without install virtualbox over an existing linux distro (Linux Mint , Debian etc) , is there any linux ready to go VM host OS ? (like ESXi but nos so powerful server-like ?)

try ‘linux containers’


LinuxContainers needs to be installed into an existing linux distro too.
I mean a Distro img to be installed and ends with a virtualbox or linuxcontainers like ready to go…

So you are looking for some kind of distribution that provides a virtualized deployment of the Sangoma distribution of FreeSwitch?

Hmmmm,. no I don’t know of one, sorry.

Look into XCP-ng an Open Source project https://xcp-ng.org . I have multiple VMs (pfsense, Windows, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, OpenMediaVault, etc). I do see why can not use FreePBX

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