Pbxupgrader fails to upgrade itself due to fbpx ver

I just run the usual module update tasks.
[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma upgradeall
No repos specified, using: [extended,unsupported,commercial,standard] from last GUI settings

Module(s) requiring upgrades: versionupgrade
Upgrading module ‘versionupgrade’ from 15.0.37 to 15.0.37
Downloading module ‘versionupgrade’
Processing versionupgrade
Verifying local module download…Verified
Download completed in 1 seconds
Unable to install module versionupgrade:

  • FreePBX version or higher is required, you have
    Updating Hooks…Done
    Chowning directories…Done
    All upgrades completed successfully!
    Updating Hooks…Done
    Chowning directories…Done

And since the module is disabled I can’t even upgrade to 16…
Any ideas more than welcome

Hi @stom You can download the current edge release of framework and then continue with the upgrade.

fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework --tag=


Ah yes… this obviously did it.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

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