Pbxinaflash - site down?

noticed a few problems over there today… anyone know what is happening ?


Maybe Ward can use this on his home page? I haven’t heard anything.

I had a brief communication with Ward, they are on it.

I am told he had 2 drives in their raid array fail. We offered out assistance in anyway to help him as we have all been in his shoes before.

Ditto here, have tons of bandwidth and virtual capacity.

Thanks, I was concerned that he was OK etc…


They lost their forums yesterday… it’s a huge loss… Ward has setup Google Plus community instead of going to new forums… apparently, their ISP managing forums is the main cause of total mess

Let me make it clear that I like Ward and this is not personal. However, how can someone in the business not have an off site backup of their database? Even if it was 6 months old it would be very useful.

This is a major loss of a significant part of the history of Asterisk/FreePBX. An incredible amount of knowledge had been accumulated in the forums. I know that at least once a day one of my searches would hit a PBXIAF thread.

This is profoundly sad and will have impacts far into the future.

I seriously doubt they had 2 drives fail at the same time. The site was intermittent for a couple days. So one drive must have failed and then the other one was stressed for a couple days trying to rebuild it and take up the slack. Nobody had proper monitoring set up to detect the first failed drive. That is the most likely explanation.

Then the second problem was they weren’t monitoring their backups to know that any database or folder or whatever over 10GB was not getting backed up which turned out to include the forum.

And due to some strange reasons… VoIP-info.org has been reverted back to Feb 2013… Strange !