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I have a client that has some requirements that I’m not sure we can meet. The client is a doctor and has been having issues with his voicemail. Right now we have his extension setup to use voicemail notification and voicemail to email. He does not use email on his cellphone so it does not help him afterhours. At this moment, the MWI light does not show on his desk phone. I was wondering if this is because we have voicemail notifications enabled?

In a perfect world he wants to have the ability to get voicemail messages left on his desk phone sent to his cellphone. He is not interested in talking to the patient at that moment because he wants a voicemail for the ability to gather necessary information first and “screen” them. I have an IVR button setup that gives him the ability to call in to the office and access his voicemail. If we could at least somehow let him know that a voicemail was left on his desk phone, that would be perfect. Right now the voicemail notification calls his cell and if he doesn’t answer it, he thinks he just missed a call from the office. If we can get the Caller ID to say something like “work voicemail” that would be helpful. I hope this is enough information. If there is anything I can clarify, please let me know. I greatly appreciate the help.

If he’s in the US, you could send the notification to the mobile carrier’s email to SMS gateway and he’ll get a text message. Examples: [email protected] , [email protected]. Carriers in some other countries do this but it’s not universal.

He could set up email on his phone with an obscure address that he never gives out and you could send the notifications there.

Voicemail notifications should not prevent MWI from working, unless you select the option to automatically delete the voicemail when it is sent by email.

The commercial module Voicemail Notify can be set up to source the call from a specified caller ID. The doc would then set that number as a Contact in his phone with name Work Voicemail.

That just might do the trick. I’m going to run the SMS option by him. He is in the US. I’m working on getting his carrier information now.

I’m not sure why the MWI doesn’t work, but I’ll verify that setting is not enabled and continue troubleshooting.

Thank you much for your help. I’ll return back with what ended up being the best option and if I have any further questions.

That worked and he is thrilled. Thank you so much!

For those looking on, here is the configuration that worked for me. With this configuration he gets a text that includes the voicemail to his cellphone. Hope this helps someone!

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