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PBXact Update Asterisk without Support Contract

(Kevin Gupta) #1

I am hoping this can be done.
We have a customer who opted not to renew their Sangoma support on their PBXact system running 10.13.66-19 and Asterisk 11.25.1.

They are having an issue where calls transferred by a queue agent are making it so that agent don’t get a new call until the transferred call ends.
Everything I can find says that it is an Asterisk bug and was fixed in Asterisk 13.17.

I know I can switch on the fly to Asterisk 13, but it looks like it will be the version 13.14 that came with firmware 10.13.66-19.
Since I can’t run the system updates, is there a way to update Asterisk to 13.17 (or higher) manually?

Thank you.

(Kevin Gupta) #2

Never mind, it loads the latest supported version when running the switch command.
In this case it is running 13.23.1 now.

This thread can be deleted.

(TheJames) unlisted #3