PBXact UC UCP Not working

Getting the following error in PBXact UC when attempting to access the UCP

Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server because: ‘Error: xhr poll error’

Running Version: 10.13.66-17

fwconsole stop ucpnode
fwconsole start ucpnode

Just tried what you suggested. Here is the output of the command and users are still getting
the same error trying to access UCP

fwconsole stop ucpnode

Running PBXact shutdown…

Stopping UCP Server
Stopped UCP Server

]# fwconsole start ucpnode
Running PBXact startup…
Taking too long? Customize the chown command, See http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FOP/FreePBX+Chown+Conf
Setting Permissions…
Collecting Files…Done
5402/5402 [============================] 100%
Finished setting permissions
Unable to run Pre-Asterisk hooks, because Asterisk is already running on PID 2092 and has been running for 2 weeks, 4 days, 11 hours, 51 minutes, 48 seconds
Starting UCP Server
Started UCP Server

If you are browsing to the UCP through a router, in addition to the http(s) port(s), you also have to forward the node.js port(s) set in Advanced Settings (8001 and 8003 by default). You can also see this error if you are browsing UCP with https and you don’t have a valid TLS cert on the PBX.

I have the default settings on PBXact appliance out of the box. This is all local on the network
not going through the WAN at all. As for the TLS cert I don’t know much about that. Everything is as it was out of the box from Sangoma

You have an old version.

fwconsole ma upgrade ucpnode --edge
fwconsole ma stop ucpnode
Fwconsole ms start ucpnode


I did what you said and the first command worked
the second 2 did not however I did fwconsole atop ucpnode followed by fwconsole start ucpnode and that worked.

However I am sill getting the same error Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server because: ‘Error: xhr poll error’ in red at the top of the page when you sign in to UCP.

That error says your browser is being blocked from the nodejs server.

So how do you make the UCP work? I get the same error in Firefox, Chrome and Edge

Like I said, the PBXact has the default settings out of the box. Everything is working fine except UCP

Something is blocking the port or the UCP node service is not running. On your main GUI of the PBX status mage does it show ucpnode is running.

When we say blocking we mean a firewall somewhere. Either on your network or if you have the firewall on the PBX enabled.

UCP Daemon is running and has a green check mark. My firewall is only filtering traffic from the outside. I checked the logs just to be sure and there were no entries for either the workstation or the PBXact appliance.

UCP TCP Ports: 81, 8001, 8003 is what is shown on the port/service map page of the PBX firewall. Under the services tab in the firewall UCP is selected for both internal and external as I plan to allow external users in the future.

I don’t recall if pbxact has support credits but unfortunately there’s not much more we can do here without connecting to your system to figure out what’s going on. Might be a good idea to open a support ticket.