Pbxact to a new disk but same machine

Since we replaced the hard drive on our PBXact system, it has been randomly rebooting every few days. We would like to use the same machine but replace the hard drive. Do we need a new license for this?
and is there any recommended way to move another disk?


Just keep note your PBXact Deployment ID and before you make HDD change and power-off De-Activate your Deployment ID ( Admin → SystemAdmin → Activation )

After re-installed FreePBX to your new HDD you have to Activate same Deployment ID to convert FreePBX to PBXAct.

I forget how FreePBX gets it’s hardware ID but pretty sure it’s not tied to the hard drive. I think you should be fine with just cloning to a new drive and popping it back into the same hardware and just booting from it.

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