PBXact System Admin Updates


We have a new PBXact Appliance 100. When in System Admin on Updates it says the Current Version is 10.13.66-18 and Error “This system is outside of it’s support contract or otherwise blocked from updating.”

Aside from newly purchased, it’s also fully support I’m told. Did we forget to purchase something else for this appliance or is there something I can reset to fix?

Thank you,

That means our system says their is no support contract for that deployment. If you feel this is in correct contact customer service to look into what’s going on at support.sangoma.com.

REALLY? We need to buy additional support to just to get updates for a purchased PBXact appliance when they are free for FreePBX? That makes NO sense! Just sayin.

Edit: I am NOT complaining about paying for support. I just think with all the goodies included with PBXact, IMHO it would be more convenient if the POMPS bronze was included, even if you have to bump the price a little. Finding out you have to pay for updates, when being used to them being free with distro, just seems a little fugazi.

Jerry i totally understand but yes you need at minimum the bronze support plan for the PBXact. Its very cheap. Keep in mind the PBXact is licensed will ALL modules and features for much less than if you were to buy them for FreePBX.

Just compare it to ANY real firewall out there. Sure you can buy the hardware but you still need to maintain a support plan for any Fortinet, Sophos, Sonicwall, Palo Alto, etc otherwise its just a dumb piece of hardware that does little to no security protection.

What you paid for is the modules and hardware as they sit, you did NOT pay for the updates (which includes many many hours of labor these guys put creating, testing and retesting the updates/modules, same as Antivirus makers for firewalls) So when you think about it in the broad spectrum it does make sense, its like that with any real enterprise solution. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jessy. But I’m not complaining about paying for anything. I think PBXact is well worth the price, and so is Bronze POMPS. That’s not the issue. It is just that PBXact is marketed as “Includes everything you have to pay extra for in FreePBX” (my interpretation) which I think is awesome until you get surprised when it won’t update and then you have to go get ANOTHER purchase order signed and explain why you didn’t know about this in the first place. But it is still well worth the cost. It is the “customer experience” that is a bit fugazi.