PBXact Software

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in the forum. I am new to pbx world. I am planning to buy pbx software ($450) for a deployment. Do I need to buy the commercial modules like PBX Softphones module and System Admin modules separately.
This is going to be a very basic setup with around 20 users. Do I need to add any other modules. Is their anything I need to pay yearly so as to keep the software updated.
Thank you.


for what’s included. Except for Endpoint Manager if you are using non-Sangoma phones, you probably won’t need any of the optional modules.

Thanks @Stewart1 for the quick reply. Just 1 more question… any thing that need to be paid annually for software updates.

you don’t “NEED” any commercial software. You can run 100% open source many do…

As a package pbxact will have a annual fee. All commercial modules have an annual maintenance fee

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