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I see this isn’t mentioned much here but wanted to leave a short review on my experience with the product and our deployment on Microsoft Azure. We are a contact center and have been using the product for about a year and a half with very few issues. Our last restart was over nine months ago and it was due to an Azure problem not the phone system. Our only other issue was self inflicted due to trying to backup 200GB of call recordings. The support with this product is above average and I usually just ask to deal with Lorne because he is familiar with our system and gets in and gets whatever I need done. The Azure implementation was easy I created the FreePBX instance in Hyper-V, Exported the disk and imported to Azure. We then installed the PBxact licensing. A tech from Sangoma patiently helped me with the initial setup. We started with a 127GB disk but quickly found out this would not be enough. We are subscribed to Azure enterprise support so the Microsoft Linux engineers were quick to login and increase the drive to 512GB they also helped repair the kernel the night it went into panic mode(over a year ago). The nice thing about Azure is the redundancy we run Azure backup on the VM and also Azure site recovery for a hot spare.(When you configure Azure site recovery you have to change the etc-release file just for a few mins to pass the system as CentOS to Azure site recovery, again the Microsoft engineers assisted). For disks, we use premium storage and have this system on it’s own separate virtual Azure network running out of the Azure central region. We are using SIPStation trunks with one flowroute backup trunk. No issues with either of these providers we went with SIPStation to keep everything under one roof. I highly recommend the product and the deployment on Azure.

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