PBXact on Sangoma 7 asking to transfer ownership

Since we upgraded this UC300 from 10.13.66 to the latest Sangoma 7 version, the system now asks to transfer ownership when you log in.
If you skip, it will ask again after 24 hours.

We don’t want to transfer ownership, is there a way to completely disable this prompt?

In reading the wiki, I see that you should be able to do it after skipping by going to System Admin > Activation and choosing the “Change Owner” button.
This button doesn’t show up, so maybe the registration is in some weird state?

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone have any ideas?
I’d hate to have to waste credits to contact Tech Support for something like this.

Customer Service tickets does not require support credits

HI , This will be asked if your licence file contains distributor=yes

Is there a way to disable it manually or change that in the license?
We manage the system for the customer.

You can try it from portal( if you have the privilege ). try to change the Active Co-owners in the portal…

Sorry for the delayed response, I checked and for some reason I was set as a co-owner.
I declined it under actions and now shows no current co-owners.

It is still popping up the transfer request when logging in every 24 hours.

Having the same issue on a PBX that we upgraded from 13 to 14

After updating portal , please update your licence file using the command ‘fwconsole sa u’

Just ran that command and it came back with “No changes from original Licence.” and still prompts the transfer when logging in.