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PBXact on Sangoma 7 asking to transfer ownership

(Kevin Gupta) #1

Since we upgraded this UC300 from 10.13.66 to the latest Sangoma 7 version, the system now asks to transfer ownership when you log in.
If you skip, it will ask again after 24 hours.

We don’t want to transfer ownership, is there a way to completely disable this prompt?

In reading the wiki, I see that you should be able to do it after skipping by going to System Admin > Activation and choosing the “Change Owner” button.
This button doesn’t show up, so maybe the registration is in some weird state?

Any help is appreciated.

(Kevin Gupta) #2

Anyone have any ideas?
I’d hate to have to waste credits to contact Tech Support for something like this.

(Itzik) #3

Customer Service tickets does not require support credits

(Philip Joseph) #4

HI , This will be asked if your licence file contains distributor=yes

(Kevin Gupta) #5

Is there a way to disable it manually or change that in the license?
We manage the system for the customer.

(Philip Joseph) #6

You can try it from portal( if you have the privilege ). try to change the Active Co-owners in the portal…

(Kevin Gupta) #7

Sorry for the delayed response, I checked and for some reason I was set as a co-owner.
I declined it under actions and now shows no current co-owners.

It is still popping up the transfer request when logging in every 24 hours.

(Itzik) #8

Having the same issue on a PBX that we upgraded from 13 to 14

(Philip Joseph) #9

After updating portal , please update your licence file using the command ‘fwconsole sa u’

(Kevin Gupta) #10

Just ran that command and it came back with “No changes from original Licence.” and still prompts the transfer when logging in.