PBXact Module Admin

Does all module admin (other than automatic updates) have to happen on command line with fwconsole for PBXact? Is there any way to enable/disable/uninstall modules in GUI?

In version 14 you do it from the GUI. before version 14 their was no GUI as you should not be updating individual modules but using the sysadmin system updater that updates the whole platform.

My PBXact is 10.13.66-22, same as current v13 distro, which has GUI for module admin. I thought maybe PBXact GUI had just buried it someplace as it is different than distro GUI. So any enable/disable/uninstall has to be done from command line with fwconsole? Sad. It was a convenient interface.

Hi Tony

Im often advised to upgrade modules in PBXAct - in fact I recall been asked to make sure that the fwconsole ma upgradeall has been run as part of a support call process.


Is the PBXact versionupgrade module that is “locally available” in fwconsole ma list, but with no version number, ready for production?

It has a version. But you can’t see it until you install it.

Thanks, Andrew. If I install and upgrade it (from edge?) is it safe for a PBXact production system? (All normal backup caveats not withstanding.)

Even if you install the module you won’t be able to run it on a distro system.

Any prediction on when and upgrade to SNG7 will be available for PBXact?

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