PBXact GUI resets to Basic Mode

I have a strange one. I have a new PBXact distro installation on rebuilt from scratch. Every morning my PBXact GUI has reset to Basic Mode and the reload button is lit up. I have updates disabled under the Scheduler and Alerts. Yesterday I went into the command line and did a “fwconsole chown”. This morning I am back to Basic Mode with a reload button. Any ideas?

Open a support ticket. You paid for it if you have PBXact.

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I’ve removed a post from an hour ago. This is a known issue with the smartoffice module. If you open a support ticket you’ll get a work around and a notification where there is a proper fix.

Hi, please do the following:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --tag 15.0.20
fwconsole ma downloadinstall oembranding --tag
fwconsole reload

After that, this should be fixed.


Thanks for that! I have done those updates and will see tomorrow if the problem is fixed. I attempted to enter a ticket, but the system denied me saying I have no POMPs, even tho I have support credits available. :frowning:

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