PBXact and Vega FXO gateway won't release FXO port

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Not sure if my problem is PBXact or is it my Vega Gateway. I bought a new Vega 60Gv2 gateway and installed the latest firmware on it. I did a fresh install of v15 and a configuration from scratch. Put it in production. Inbound calls are coming in on the FXO ports, outbound calls are going through SIPStation. At least once a day I look at my PBXact Statistics, and see one port constantly in use. I look at the Vega Gateway, and sometimes it is Port 1 that is off hook, and sometimes it is Port 2 that is off hook. I have Line Reversal detect enabled and I have Force Disconnects enabled. I have to go into Command Line on my PBX and type “channel request hangup all” to clear the lines. What else can I do to resolve this?


This is strange. While there are various reasons why the Vega disconnect detection may not work properly, hanging up the PBX side should also knock down the connection. When a line gets stuck, is it connected to something at the PBX that can stay up forever (conference bridge, queue with no timeout, etc.)?

What country is the Vega in? What is it connected to (copper pairs from central office, cable MTA, fiber ONT, etc.)? Who is the carrier?

Do a simple test: Call in from your mobile, answer on your desk phone or softphone, hang up the mobile and watch the desk phone. Does it quickly show disconnected? If not, do you hear a ‘disconnect tone’ on the desk phone (usually sounds like a busy signal or reorder tone)?

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Thanks for the reply. PBX is in the USA. I have fiber coming to the building, and I am plugging my analog lines into an ONT. I do have the incoming lines going to an IVR. I will check the settings on the IVR and do the test you suggested.


Can you confirm that your analog lines have ‘disconnect supervision’ enabled?

A $5 phone from Walmart will confirm battery reversal or wink, (the dialpad will blink very shortly after the far end hangs up),