PBXact 40 with Vega60

Hi every one
I just started using Sangoma’s product
need to config PBXact40 to use PSTN line from Vega60 as a gateway ,
I had followed the documents from wiki and see the videos , but still failed to use the trunk
is there anyone can help me ?

I had this working fine using the legacy SIP protocol to configure both an FXO port (for a BT PSTN line - here in UK) & FXS port (for an old analog deskphone) on my Vega60G, however, I recently tried to switch this configuration to PJSIP but couldn’t get both FXO & FXS lines working simultaneously without one or other issue (not helped with the old/broken Wiki pages on this subject).

Although I do have a working FXO port configured with a BT PSTN via PJSIP currently (which is good enough for me right now), I am planning to revisit this & create my own documentation relating to the various ‘Reg Modes’ that are available on the Vega, to see if I can get both FXO & FXS working simultaneously without issues.

Once I’ve done this, I’d be happy to share the FXO configuration with you.

Bear in mind, regardless of using legacy SIP or PJSIP, the vega doesn’t seem to recognise when the remote PSTN party hangs up. It seems to take 30-secs before the FXO line disconnects/port is released (you just hear a 30-sec drone-tone, also on end of Voicemails that are left by callers into the PSTN line). There is a tone-based disconnect setting on the Vega but when enabled, it seems to hangup calls to/from mobiles as soon as the remote party speaks (as if it believes that speech is a disconnect signal). I’ve messed with some of the line settings but cannot resolve & just have to live it until I can find a working solution (or good documentation). This is a prime example of how fixing one issue on Vega seems to trigger another (in my experience anyway).

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