PBXAct - 2nd hand device license question

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I have tried to search for the answer, but I am either being silly or blind.

The question I have is in regards to how the PBXAct licensing works in regards to transfers to new owners, for example if the new owner purchased or receives it via 2nd hand / recycle products store. As I saw a PBXact 40 in my local second hand goods store. I haven’t pulled the trigger in getting it yet.

is it allowed? and if so can it be transferred if locked to the PBXAct hardware? (can it be linked to a new customer within the portal?) or not worry about it?

is there a way to do this?

I take it, it will still receive updates to the OS, etc but warranty/tech support isn’t.

If I need a new recovery usb image, is there a place I can download it from.

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Here’s a copy of the PBXact EULA. https://www.sangoma.com/wp-content/uploads/PBXactUC-EULA.pdf

The agreement states that the license is non-transferrable. While I don’t believe we are policing the world for used systems on the secondary market, I suspect you would run into other hurdles if you were to bring it online, passwords etc. I’d also suspect that the system would be both out of warranty and current software maintenance/SLA (POMPS). This would keep you from getting the latest version.

Just a heads up, if you are looking to get into PBXact for less, we now offer PBXact Software only license that can be ordered per user with no minimums. This is a departure from the previous 50 user minimum. This change to the pricing model for PBXact has been very well received by our customers and reseller base, considering you can now buy a system with about 2K in commercial modules from the FreePBX space, per user for less. As an added benefit, with PBXact, each extension gets access to our new Connect Mobile app. Also as a heads up, you can now take advantage of the same pricing model with our new FreePBX to PBXact conversion wizard - This gets you the same pricing as the software only purchase, but allows you to convert you FreePBX directly into PBXact. Links below.

FreePBX to PBXact Conversion Wizard

PBXact Wizards

Mike White
VP Sales Open Source

This means a purchase of the Deploy base for $450 and then the per user ongoing?

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Hi @sorvani - It’s $450 + $8 per user upfront, Those are 1-time fees- Standard POMP, bronze, gold, or platinum keeps the software up to date and the modules renewed, including Connect. We’re even offering a discount for those that want to buy the renewal up front – 2 years 10% off, or buy 3 years get a year free.

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That’s what I was assuming based on your post. thanks for the confirmation.

Hi Mike

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

I had a feeling this would be the case with regards to transfer of licences. But I just didn’t see it sorry for any hassle that I have caused.

it would be for home use / home lab use, so i think i can just live with the normal freepbx or get the deploy base as you have advised if i want to play about in the PBXAct features.

I take it that PBXAct software upgrades only occur for the time that the “client” has a support contract via the POMP.

Again, thank you for your time

This is correct- bronze at a minimum.

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I take it that Freepbx doesnt require the same POMO [edited to add] to receive updates both on self deployed and Freepbx Appliance [end of edit]

thanks again

Correct… But, PBXact doesn’t require current POMPS to run, just to update to the latest version.

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