PBXact 25 conference call muting

I have a customer who is using a PBXact 25 appliance. I’ve set them up with conference rooms and they sporadically report that when in conference calls, the parties are muted through no action of their own. They are using S505 phones, and the PBX has two NICs, one assigned with an external IP and the other with an internal IP that connects to their phone PoE switch. The PBXact is doing the DHCP. They say that after they reboot the phones, the muting issue goes away, but this has happened more than once in the last few weeks. Has anyone had an issue like this? I’m thinking it’s RTP related, but would like some advice on whether I’m wasting my time with that thinking. Thanks to anyone who responds.

Logs would probably be a good first start. Can you get the /var/log/asterisk/full log for the period in question and post it to the sangoma pastebin?

Thanks for the reply, Dave. The customer (as customers sometimes do) reported the issue after the second time it happened and they didn’t note the time of the incident. I advised them to keep track of that detail should it happen again, so currently, I have no logs to post. The main reason I submitted the question was to see if it was a well-known issue, which it doesn’t appear to be. I will post the log as soon as I have one. Thanks again!

Browse to Settings, Asterisk Logfiles and enable DTMF logging for console and for the full log. You may not need it, but you will have it if you do.

Thanks, Lorne. Your expertise is legendary and I have learned so much from reading your posts, most recently in rebuilding a PBXact that wouldn’t accept its original deployment ID after being installed with FreePBX 15.

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