PBXact 15 DAHDi missing from Asterisk Info report

Had to replace the drive in a PBXact 60 yesterday.
Loaded latest version of 15 (was previously on PBXact 13).
Everything appears to be working, but they use a PRI for their outside trunks and previously you could see the channels on the Asterisk Info page, but currently it isn’t there.

Calls seem to be working and DAHDi is running normally.
I can run ‘dahdi show channels’ from the Asterisk CLI page and see the channels, but it would be nice to see it in the Asterisk Info page still.

I tried uninstalling/re-installing the Asterisk Info module, but no change.
Has this been removed or is there something else going on here that can be fixed?

I noticed that one of my systems was not showing the Asterisk Info page, but the underlying CLI requests were displaying the information correctly. I don’t know why the one black-sheep system and I haven’t really spent any more time on it than “Hmmmm, weird.”

In earlier upgrade scripts, it was necessary to remove all the deprecated custom skin modules. This was done by means of a catchall that looked for the string ‘skin’ in the module rawname. A consequence of that is that the module, asteriskinfo was also caught in that dragnet.

The fix is to just install the module again from Module Admin.


So the module is there, and I’ve even tried uninstalling/re-installing it from Module Admin.
The issue is that the DAHDi information doesn’t show in the page.

Here are the only sections that populate:

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